Thoughts on Utopia/Heterotopia

‘There are also, and probably in every culture, in every civilisation, real places, actual places, places that are designed into the very institution of society, which are sorts of actually realised utopia….’

In the essay below, I provide some thoughts on the similarities and differences between the two contested concepts of heterotopia and utopia.  In terms of utopia, I briefly outline broad Blochian approaches to the utopian qualities of cultural productions as developed by Levitas. I go on to discuss Lefebvre’s concept of ‘heterotopy’ and Jameson’s work on utopianism, also influenced by Bloch. Finally, using Harvey’s work on ‘dialectical utopianism’, I argue that heterotopia is not anti-utopian, but provides a sideways analysis of existing material spaces in order not to anticipate the future, but to reflect upon and disturb the present.

Download: Reflections on the relationship between utopia and heterotopia


Woodcut of the island of Utopia on frontispiece of the 1st edition of Thomas More’s Utopia 1516


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2. Images of utopia/heterotopia


Protest occupations
Protest occupations


Gardens - utopia or heterotopia?
Gardens – utopia or heterotopia?
Illustration to Charles Fourier’s (1772-1837) Social Utopia: View of Phalansterium.’


Boys at Mettray Penal Colony – utopia or heterotopia?





A panopticon – utopia or heterotopia?
The Globe Theatre
The Globe Theatre
Derelict utopia?
Derelict utopia?
Abandoned utopia? photograph by Vincent J Stoker
Abandoned utopia? photograph by Vincent J Stoker



Jesuit Colony - Church in Paraguay
Jesuit Colony – Church in Paraguay



Swimming baths turned into art gallery - Roubaix, France.
Swimming baths turned into art gallery – Roubaix, France.


Festivals - utopia or heterotopia?
Festivals – utopia or heterotopia?

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