Food and Media

A new departure! A collection of essays, edited by Jonatan Leer and  Karen Klitgaard Povlsen, looks at food and media, drawing from Bourdieu’s notion of ‘distinction’ and Foucault’s thoughts on heterotopia.

Leer, J. and Kiligaard Povisen, K. (Eds.) (2016) Food and Media: Practices, Distinctions and Heterotopias. London: Routledge.


“Food is everywhere in contemporary mediascapes, as witnessed by the increase in cookbooks, food magazines, television cookery shows, online blogs, recipes, news items and social media posts about food. This mediatization of food means that the media often interplays between food consumption and everyday practices, between private and political matters and between individuals, groups, and societies.

This volume argues that contemporary food studies need to pay more attention to the significance of media in relation to how we ‘do’ food. Understanding food media is particularly central to the diverse contemporary social and cultural practices of food where media use plays an increasingly important but also differentiated and differentiating role in both large-scale decisions and most people’s everyday practices.

The contributions in this book offer critical studies of food media discourses and of media users’ interpretations, negotiations and uses that construct places and spaces as well as possible identities and everyday practices of sameness or otherness that might form new, or renew old food politics”.


16 November 2016