Glasslands: wishful images in a mirror

Here is the beginning of my reponse to Fiona Ackerman’s wonderful exhibition Glasslands held  at Winsor Gallery –  26 November 2016 – 7 January 2017.


Fiona Ackerman makes a mirror box, an enclosure, a theatre, a disruption of images, as both an invention and exploration of gardens. Rather than the tradition of depicting gardens, bounded spaces, the canvasses embody the process of gardening, cultivating an impossible space: a medley of sculptured cut-outs, with branches, grasses, leaves entangled and entangling. The density of foliage is ceaselessly reflected and refracted in texture, colour, size and dimension to produce something that is both a display and a performance. Am I in a glass house or outside?  These inventions seem in-between. I am positioned close-up as if I could reach inside or outside, but to get where?  Glasslands prompt the questions: what is a garden and what are the possibilities of these curious spaces…….?


Eden-2016-60″x 70″-Oil-and-acrylic-on-canvas
Revolution-2016-36″ x 48″-Oil-and-acrylic-on-canvas


For the rest of my text, Fiona’s introduction to the paintings and further images click here.









22 November 2016