Tarik Berber: Heterotopias of Time

25 October 2013

Yet further art work linked to the concept of heterotopia:

An exhibition of drawings by Tarik Berber

Curated by Gabriella Daris

A Square Knot Project at  Blacks, 67 Dean Street, London.

10 October 2013 – 10 January 2014

 Tarik Berber’s Heterotopias of Time is a journey through the woven threads of Blacks Members Club’s history. The drawings produced on site of the Club, over a three-month residency, not only unravel its history but tell it. In search of lost space, the still life objects of his scrutiny spring into life and in a form of sustained evocation of time passed, they jump into his drawings as storytellers. These hang like mirrors, reflect the opposite view, a contra-campo, at the same time, they reflect remembrances of time passed. Similar to Gaston Bachelard, Berber demonstrates that space can be poetry and redefines the rectilinearity of the house by recording only the echoes and auras of its past inhabitants, highlighting both, their absence as well as, their presence.

Link to examples of work