1. Brian Spaeth
    March 24, 2018 @ 5:28 pm

    Hello! I landed here because I was looking up “Paris Peasant”. I read it a few years ago, and wanted to return to it again and refresh my memory. I am currently working on my own novel (which might fall into the category of “epistolary novel”–who knows?) which has as its basis, selected entries from my journals. The entries that seemed to interest me the most, were the ones that were located in various run-down Chinese restaurants, bagel-shops, and various unpleasant cafes—oh, and yes: public parks! I mention all this because I suspect that it may (hopefully) share some qualities with “Paris Peasant”. I am groping for an understanding of my own work. My obsession with the hopelessly banal must have some meaning to it. I also feel a compulsion to illustrate these stultifying journal entries with maps. In fact, the notion of a species of graphic novel has occurred to me lately. But the maps: are they intended to orient the reader? A somewhat desperate attempt to offer a “proof” of my existence? To provoke the reader into admitting that I do indeed exist in time and space? A dangerous flirtation with the cliches of Psychogeography? Or just a love and fascination with NYC?
    I realize that I probably don’t belong here on your site–but I have that same feeling of “not-belonging” no matter where I am, so…
    Have you read “Imaginary Cities”, by Darran Anderson? “Pontius Pilate Reflects”?
    Meyrink’s “Der Golem”?

    ~B.F. Späth


    • Peter Johnson
      April 3, 2018 @ 1:11 pm

      Hello! Enjoyed your thoughts and will get back soon.


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