Three Bibliographies


I am compiling three on-going bibliographies (last updated March 2018):

A. General –  lists a range of diverse literature (over 300 journal articles, chapters, books etc.) that responds to Foucault’s concept of heterotopia Bibliography gen pdf (updated March 2018)

B. Topic  lists above under the following topics and themes  Bibliography topic pdf updated March 2018)

1 Towards an overall theory of, or approach to, heterotopia

2 Art and Architecture

3 Communication, Film and Media Studies

4 Death Studies

5 Digital Studies

6 Education and Health Studies

7 Gender, Sexuality and Queer Studies

8 Literature

9 Marketing and Tourism

10 Museum and Library Studies

11 Political and Economic Geography

12 Urban Studies

13 Religion

14 Theatre, Performance, Music

15 Miscellaneous Places and Spaces

C. Foucault – lists key texts (some annotated) by Foucault related to heterotopia, space and visual art Foucault (updated Jan 2017) pdf

Please let me know of any errors or additions –

March 2018

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