An Interview with Peter Halley and Lauren Clay

Interview with artists Peter Halley and Lauren Clay in conjunction with exhibition at Art Gallery Kula in Split.

PDF: ZU_105_2019_215_223_Prancevic_Ecim

“Stemming from the 1980s when he began to implement his orientation towards New Geometry, Peter Halley is the protagonist of postmodern visual art movements, both through his intense painting practice and his inspired writing of analytical essays. He has always intelligibly expressed his personal fascination with Michel Foucault’s theoretical thought, building upon it as his conceptual foundation, and has reactivated this philosophy in recent shows that he has conceived of as collaborative art platforms. On the other hand, Lauren Clay is an artist of a younger generation who artistically explores diverse visual phenomena, mostly in three-dimensional media, by using peripheral spatial forms as triggers for the formation of her works and their various semantic layers.

The collaboration between Peter Halley and Lauren Clay emerged with a monumental joint installation in the Paradise City Hotel in Seoul, South Korea (2017), along with an ambient artwork, Heterotopia I (2019). Heterotopia I was realized, together with Andrew Kuo and R. M. Fischer, during the Venice Biennale.”

Dalibor Prančević and Lucija Ečim

Peter Halley and Lauren Clay, Qube, 2019.